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July / August 1999
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Featured stories.

Graphis magazine Issue 322 has these stories: Olgoj Chorchoj: Limits & Possibilities, by Siegfried Mortkowitz; Jennifer Sterling: Flying Solo, by Michael Kaplan; Scholz & Friends: Bridging East & West in the New Berlin, by William Drozdiak; The Second Act of Howard Schatz, by Ken Shulman; David Lancashire Explores the Heart of Australia, by Virginia Trioli; Vietnam: Reflexes & Reflections, by Larry Heinemann; Bruce McCall: Two-in-One Guy, by Ken Coupland; and Hélène Gordon Lazareff: The Tsarina Who Was ELLE, by Véronique Vienne.


4 Editorial

6 Contributors

8 Asian Pop Cinema Reviewed by Edna Goldstaub-Dainotto

8 Attentions Loop Reviewed by Rynn Williams

10 The Architecture of Yoshio Taniguichi Reviewed by Leslie Sherr

10 Cream: Contemporary Art in Culture Reviewed by Ken Coupland

12 Going Native: A Skeptical Observer Turns Educator By Rich Poynor

14 Shubin + Donaldson: The Glory of Raw Space By Peter Jaskowiak

18 Olgoj Chorchoj: Limits and Possibilities
It is not easy being an industrial designer in Prague. Materials are scarce and capital is even more so. But for partners Michal Fronek and Jean Nemecek, scarcity breeds innovation. Call it Czech-ingenuity. By Siegfried Mortkowitz

28 Jennifer Sterling: Flying Solo
Sterling's elegant, edgy designs, composed of innovative materials and complex ballets of typefaces, have changed the way people think about annual reports and packaging. By Michael Kaplan

44 Scholz & Friends: Bridging East and West in the New Berlin
While other advertising agencies have left Berlin recently, the partner at Scholz & Friends see a city full of promise and plan on staying put. With clever, visually-striking work, they're doing their part to return the city to its former role as the cultural capital of Europe. By Willaim Drozdiak

58 The Second Act of Howard Schatz
Giving up a thriving medical practice, Schatz has turned his passion for photograph into a second career more successful than even he could have imagined. By Ken Shulman

70 David Lancashire Explores the Heart of Australia
Designing for aboriginal communities in Australia, Lancashire moves in for the duration of a project, camping nearby, and investing his heart and craft in the life of the people. By Virginia Trioli

86 Vietnam: Reflexes and Reflections
An acclaimed novelist and vet looks at work at the National Vietnam Veteran's Art Museum and reflects on the nature of art, war, and the still raw legacy of Vietnam. By Larry Heinemann

96 Bruce McCall: Two-in-One Guy By Ken Coupland

102 Hélène Gordon Lazareff: The Tsarina Who Was ELLE By Véronique Vienne

108 Global Report

110 Type Directors Club

112 Art Directors

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz

146 German Art Directors Club Annual Awards

154 Tony O'Hanlon Graphic Design