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November / December 1998
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Illustration by Guy Billout

In Issue 318 of Graphis magazine, you'll find the following articles: Socio X: Scarily Ahead of the Curve, by Alexandra Lange; Guy Billout’s Parallel Universe, by Véronique Vienne; Pyro’s Mild-Mannered Prophet, by Dick J. Reavis; Walter looss: An Affair with the Moment, by Russell Drumm; The Journals of Dan Eldon, by Alexandra Lange; Philip Johnson: Struggling Young Artist, by Paul Goldberger; and Anna Castelli Ferrieri: Marrying Aesthetics and Technology, by Mel Byars.


Cover Illustration by Guy Billout

6 Editorial

8 Contributors

10 How Standards Became a Dirty Word By Rick Poyner

16 The Electronic Brochure Gets a Makeover By Ken Coupland

20 Surreality: Localizer 1.2 Reviewed by Laura Cramer

20 Tanaka Ikko: Graphic Master Reviewed by Bill Gubbins

22 Consumer Products By Yanitza Tavarez

32 Socio X: Scarily Ahead of the Curve
Art director for 11 years at the funky, downtown Paper Magazine, the stylish Bridget de Socio talks about her own design firm, the future as she sees it, and why she'd rather be a cause than an effect. By Alexandra Lange

50 Guy Billout's Parallel Universe
The French-born illustrator and philosopher-in-residence at The Atlantic Monthly creates a world of inverted perspective that challenges not only the laws of physics, but our deepest fears. By Véronique Vienne

62 Pyro's Mild-Mannered Prophet
Todd Tilford's campaign to subvert the formula has run into some obstacles: clients committed to the status quo, and an agency landscape dominated by big players. By Dick J. Reavis

76 Walter looss: An Affair with the Moment
More than thirty years ago he helped redefine sports photography. Today, Iooss continues to produce stunning images while exploring new graphic forms. By Russell Drumm

90 The Journals of Dan Eldon
At the age of 22, Dan Eldon was killed while working as a photo-journalist in war-torn Somalia. He left behind a stunning visual legacy-a life story in the form of 12 hand-made, multi-media journals. They now appear as a book. By Alexandra Lange

96 Philip Johnson: Struggling Young Artist By Paul Goldberger

102 Anna Castelli Ferrieri: Marrying Aesthetics and Technology By Mel Byars

106 Global Report

109 Type Directors Club

110 Art Directors Club

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz, Thérèse Forbes- Jaeger

146 Institute of Creative Advertising & Design ICAD Awards, Ireland

148 Todd McFarlane Productions Creative Entertainment, USA

150 SOS Kinderdorf Poster Design, Germany

152 Hoffman York Advertising, USA

156 Red Design Consultants Graphic Design, Greece

160 Graphis 1998 Index