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September / October 1998
Cover Image: 
Portrait of Shigeo Fukuda by Kazumi Kurigami

Graphis magazine Issue 317 features the following articles: The Batey Group: Cheerful – To a Point, by Peter Baldwin; Paul Davis: Made in America, by John Lahr; Takenobo Igarashi: Carving New Dreams, by Michael Kaplan; Imaginary Forces: Taking All the Credit, by Ken Coupland; Shigeo Fukuda: The Solitary Prankster, by Maggie Kinser Saiki; Slovenian Design: Here and Now, by Vesna Terzan; Art Kane: Image-Making as a Way of Life, by Véronique Vienne; and Kurt Anderson, by Martin C. Pederson.


Cover: Portrait of Shigeo Fukuda by Kazumi Kuigami.

6 Editorial

8 Contributors

10 Consumer Products By Yonitza Tavarez

14 Images Without Anchors By Rick Poynor

20 The Batey Group: Cheerful - To a Point
After years of relentless growth, fueled by a booming regional economy, Singapore's leading ad agency learns to deal with a new reality: the Asian recession. By Peter Baldwin

34 Paul Davis: Made in America
Painter and illustrator Paul Davis has created some of this century's most memorable graphic images. But he remains most inspired by an American heartland he left more than 40 years ago. By John Lahr

50 Takenobo Igarashi: Carving New Dreams
He founded a lucrative design firm, spent four years building his dream house in L.A., and then one day decided to live a simpler existence. Meet Takenobo Igarashi, sculptor. By Michael Kaplan

66 Imaginary Forces: Taking All the Credit
Two years ago they successfully wrestled away control of the Hollywood movie-title business from their employer. Now the Imaginary Forces partners try to build a production house of their own. By Ken Coupland

74 Shigeo Fukuda: The Solitary Prankster
He's quirky, independent, an intellectual trickster. Although he works alone, Japan's Shiego Fukuda now travels the world, dispensing advice on the art and relevance of design. By Maggie Kinser Saiki

86 Slovenian Design: Here and Now
A selection of recent work by designer who have made a critical mark on Slovenian graphic art. Compiled by Vesna Terzan.

96 Art Kane: Image-Making as a Way of Life By Véronique Vienne

100 Kurt Anderson By Martin C. Pedersen

106 Global Report

111 Type Directors Club

112 Art Directors Club

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz, Thérèse Forbes-Jaeger

146 Muller & Company Graphic Design, USA

152 Studio Najbrt & Lev Graphic Design, Czechoslovakia