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January / February 1998
Cover Image: 
Chuck Close, Self-Portrait, 1997, oil on canvas. Photograph: Ellen Page Wilson. Courtesy Pace Wildenstein.

Graphis magazine Issue 313 includes the following stories: Chuck Close: Painting as Performing Art, by Mindy Aloff; Lana Rigsby: Holding Her Ground, by Mike Noble; Maya Lin: One Driving Idea, by Martin C. Pedersen; Koichi Sato: Mr. Sandman, by Maggie Kinser Saiki; St. Luke’s: Making the Irrelevant Relevant, by Jan Burney; All Over the Map with David Byrne, by Ken Coupland; and Raymond Lowey: The Fine Art of Self-Promotion, by Véronique Vienne.


6 Editorial

9 Contributors to this Issue

12 Product Design: The British are Coming! By Mel Byars

17 Advertising Outdoors Reviewed by Ken Coupland

17 Andrée Putman Reviewed by Rynn Williams

18 Stenberg Brothers Reviewed by Ena Goldstaub-Dainotto

18 Marc Riboud in China Reviewed by Rynn Williams

20 Graphic Design: Mainstreaming Details By Maureen Callahan

26 Consumer Products By Yanitza Tavarez

32 Chuck Close: Painting as Performing Art
With a combination of physical courage, determination and fierce artistic vision, Chuck Close explores the landscape of the human face. By Mindy Aloff

42 Lana Rigsby: Holding Her Ground
Ambitious, steadfast, and intense, Lana Rigsby's relentless pursuit to make her design relevant is not for the faint of heart. By Mike Noble

56 Maya Lin: One Driving Idea
After Creating two monumental works before the age of thirty, Maya Lin sets her sights on an equally daunting challenge: creating architecture as compelling as her art. A progress report. By Martin C. Pedersen

70 Koichi Sato: Mr. Sandman
Once a self-confessed copycat of Andy Worhol and Tadanori Yokoo, Koichi Sato has now mastered his own art of creating dreamlike designs that confront reality and fantasy. By Maggie Kinser Saiki

84 St. Luke's: Making the Irrelevant Relevant
Can an advertising agency be culturally and ethically based without being self-righteous? St. Luke's of London explains why it is different. By Jan Burney

92 All Over the Map with David Byrne By Ken Coupland

101 Raymond Lowey: The Fine Art of Self-Promotion By Véronique Vienne

106 Art Directors Club

108 Type Directors Club

110 Global Report

111 Exhibitions

112 In Memoriam

113 German By Heinke Jenssen

129 French By Caroline Droz, Isabelle Wolf

146 The Tokyo Art Directors Club By Masami Kikuchi

152 Blanking Design Industrial Design, Malmo, Sweden

154 The 100 Best German Posters Competition