Issue 308 - Digital Version


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March / April 1997
Cover Image Underwater Inspiration:"Baby Beralè" by Aqua Creations

Issue 308 of Graphis magazine features the following articles: Peter Beard: Anatomy of an Adventurer, by Russell Drumm; Aqua: A Private Underwater Baroque, by Sergio Edelsztein; Cronan Dissolves the Threshold, by Ken Coupland; Cultivation of Virgin Territory, by Hugh Aldersey-Williams; The Arnell Group: The Renaissance Powerbranding, by Gianfranco Mantegna; Silk Pearce: Napkin Note Ideas, by Hugh Aldersey-Williams; and Graphis Creative Showcases.


10 Global Report.
The Art of Advertising Auction in Munich, by Herbert Lechner.

House for an Art Lover in Glasgow, by Jan Burney.

The Design in Business Week in the UK, by Hugh Aldersey Williams.

Ronald Searle exhibition in Switzerland, by Herbert Lechner.

Friedrich Seidenstucker exhibition in Germany, by Herbert Lechner.

One Worldesign for ISDA, by Gianfranco Mantegna.

The Pompidou Center's Evolution, by Chloe Braunstein-Danos.

The Mead Annual Report Conference, by Mike Noble

17 New Media
Paul Cezanne: Portrait of My World on CD-ROM, reviewed by Paolo Polledri.

Growing the Megasite: National Geographic Online, by Ken Coupland.

20 Industry Products:
Making the Mold: How New Products Become Industry Standards, by Richard Lewin.

ScanDisk's "CompactFlash" Card: Pocket-sized Memory with a Punch.

Digimarc's "Picturemarc": A Byte out of Copyright Crime

22 Consumer Products
High-end motorcycles...making your bathroom student concepts in personal communications...traditional trashcan alternatives...palmtop computing...contemporary furniture and fabrics...wristwatch for the visually impaired

28 Book Reviews
Ettore Sottsass: Ceramics, reviewed by Edna Goldstaub-Dainotto.

LaChapelle Land, reviewed by Susan E. Davis.

Blumenfeld: Photographs, A Passion for Beauty, reviewed by Rynn Williams.

Covering the ‘60s: George Lois-The Esquire Era, reviewed by Veronique Vienne.

John Pierson: All of a Sudden, reviewed by Ken Coupland.

Paradise Garden: Howard Finster's Visionary World, reviewed by Rynn Williams

32 Peter Beard: Anatomy of an Adventurer
The photographer-diarist, conservationist, gregarious prophet of doom, lover of life and survivor of elephant rage has more than enough material for his retrospective exhibition. By Russell Drumm

44 Aqua: A Private Underwater Baroque
Like its furniture creations inspired by the flora and fauna of undersea life, Aqua's creative process is loose and fluid, with no gauges or pre-conceived proportions. By Sergio Edelsztein

54 Cronan Dissolves the Threshold
Where other designers might feel comfortable perpetuating a trademark style, Michael Cronan is something of a chameleon, smoothly shifting gears to adapt style to the message. By Ken Coupland

72 Cultivation of Virgin Territory
The business virgin that set out in 1970 with the improbable moniker to sell records by mail-order has cultivated his company into a major music publisher, airline, and retailer. By Hugh Aldersey-Williams

76 The Arnell Group: The Renaissance Powerbranding
Peter Arnell's bold advertising imagery draws on his architectural training as well as his Brooklyn street smarts. His most recent campaign has put Samsung on the global map. By Gianfranco Mantegna

84 Silk Pearce: Napkin Note Ideas
Silk Pearce's work eschews what preoccupies many designers these days. There are no modish digital gimmicks-simply an old-fashioned care over the visual experience. By Hugh Aldersey-Williams

145 Graphis Creative Showcases

146 Italo Lupi Exhibition Design-Milan, Italy

150 Modern Dog Graphic Design-Seattle, Washington, USA

152 John Bonath Digital Photography - Denver, Colorado, USA

154 Studio Boot Graphic Design - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

110 Typography
The Many Faces of Type: No longer only for communication, type is now part of original expression and constitutes its own aesthetic domain. By Mihai Nadin