Issue 307 - Digital Version


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January / February 1997
Cover Image Diversity of a brand: Yamaha Motor Company's XJR 1200 motorcycle (center), with Yamaha Corporation's Disklavier‚Ñ¢ DC3II PE piano and WaveForce Series loudspeakers.

In Graphis magazine Issue 307, you'll find the following articles: Margo Chase Design, by Michael Kaplan; Yamaha: Divisions of Diversions, by Mike Hicks; Farner Publicis FCB: Giving the Bottle a National Taste, by Jorg Muller-von Arx; Richard Misrach: Bitter Songs from the Desert, by Gianfranco Mantegna; Royal College: Bright Flames of the Phoenix, by Hue Carroll; Graphis Creative Showcase: Vera Hoffman, Ritta and Associates, Toshihiko Ando and WONGDOODY; and Helmut Krone: The Art of the Great Idea, by Dick Calderhead.


12 Global Report:
Gaetano Pesce in Paris...Techno-Seduction at the Cooper Union...Images and Other Manipulations in Zurich...Michael Thonet exhibition in Germany...Letters to Graphis.

16 Graphis Ten Best in Design in 1996:
Graphis presents its Ten Best in Design, based on the Graphis Design 97 Call for Entries.

18 Competitions
International Poster Biennial...Chrysler Awards...EPICA...German photo awards

20 Consumer Products
Graaf audio amplifier...The Apple eMate 300 and Newton MessagePad 2000...CD and book razors and salt and pepper shakers.

23 Car Design
The Automotive Past is Prologue: Car creators shift their design sensibility. By Adam Bryant

28 Industry Products
Paper specifiers...color-separating software...high-end graphics suites...low-budget storage alternatives...multi-tasking copy machines.

30 New Media.
The Internet Comes to TV, or "Honey, Please Put on Channel 2,185,932!" by Richard Lewin.

A Focus on the Web: @tlas, by Ken Coupland

33 Book Reviews. Absolut Book: The Absolut Advertising Story, reviewed by Veronique Vienne.

Josef Muller-Brockmann, Pioneer of Swiss Graphic Design, reviewed by Jurgen Riehle.

Tibetan Portrait: The Power of Compassion, reviewed by Edna Goldstaub-Dainotto.

Minimum, reviewed by Rynn Williams.

John Pierson: All of a Sudden, reviewed by Ken Coupland.

Paradise Garden: Howard Finster's Visionary World, reviewed by Rynn Williams

36 Margo Chase Design: Cooler than they already are
Margo Chase knows what she wants: more. More arenas in which to express her firm's idiosyncratic style. The search has taken her from tactile packaging into vivid cyberspace. By Michael Kaplan

48 Yamaha: Divisions of Diversions
From ski boots to oboes to electronics, the Yamaha brand has spawned an incredibly diverse group of products linked by their name, philosophy, quality, and popularity. By Mike Hicks

56 Farner Publicis FCB: Giving the Bottle a National Taste
Proving the truth of its credo that "continuity requires a disciplined approach," the Zurich-based ad agency once again boasts Coca-Cola among its many big-name clients. By Jorg Muller-von Arx

64 Richard Misrach: Bitter Songs from the Desert
More than just a skilled photographer, Misrach seems engaged in a battle to save our world. Within the desolate grimness of his subjects there is a call for hope. By Gianfranco Mantegna

72 Royal College: Bright Flames of the Phoenix
London's Royal College of Art soars to where it may be the world's foremost institution for the study of art and design...with a vast, illustrious roster of alumni to prove it. By Hue Carroll

85 Graphis Creative Showcase

86 Vera Hoffman: Advertising-Hagen, Germany

88 Ritta and Associates: Graphic Design - Englewood, New Jersey, USA

90 Toshihiko Ando: Illustration-Tokyo, Japan

92 WONGDOODY: Advertising-Seattle, Washington, USA

146 Helmut Krone: The Art of the Great Idea
Helmut Krone created far more than his share of unforgettable advertising, leaving a legacy of greatness for his creative descendants to aim at. By Dick Calderhead.

160 Endpaper: How to Profit from a Reality Check
Utilizing a client survey. By Linda Cooper Bowen