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September / October 1996
Cover Image 
A shot of Philip Johnson's monstra by Michael Moran.

The 305th issue of Graphis magazine features the following articles: Refining Philip Johnson’s way, by Leslie Sherr; Sir Terence: A Knight’s Revival, by Beverly Russell; IKEA: The Great Interior Equalizer, by Martin C. Pedersen; Grundy & Northedge: Let Us Explain, by Hugh Aldersey-Williams; Slover and the Design of Temptation, by Rita D. Jacobs; Putting Typography on Tour, by Maggie Kinser Saiki; Adams Morioka’s Double Vision, by Ken Coupland; Team of Unorthodox Discipline, by Tracy Metz; The Mead Show: Forty Years of Ideas, by Joanne Stone.


12 Global Report:
The Milan Furniture Fair...European "cards for free"...AIGA Conference...Artcenter Europe closes...Designer billboards

14 Book Reviews:
A Smile in the Mind, reviewed by Veronique Vienne.

Wiliam Klein: New York 1954-55, reviewed by Bret Senft.

Tina Modotti: Photographs, reviewed by Edna Goldstaub-Dainotto.

16 Exhibitions:
Mary Ellen Mark at SVA...Charlotte Perriand in London... "Mixing Messages" at Cooper Hewitt...Cartoons in Basel..Eames in Frisco

17 Honors:
Graphis and AGFA recognize two legends: photographer Lillian Bassman and the late advertising art director Helmut Krone

18 Designers Retreat: A time of reflection
AIGA/Cincinnati lures designers to the Shaker village in Kentucky. By Laurel Harper

20 Products:
Workstation as Attache Case, Escritoire, and Laptop Control...Contours for speakers, toothbrushes and toilets. By Peggy Chapman

28 Refining Philip Johnson's way:
A microcosm of the master architect's career, Philip Johnson's New Canaan property gets a stunning architectural addition. By Leslie Sherr

36 Sir Terence: A Knight's Revival
Britain's knight of retail design redefines the restaurant. By Beverly Russell

42 IKEA: The Great Interior Equalizer
How Ingvar Kamprad created a design-driven empire. By Martin C. Pedersen

48 Grundy & Northedge: Let Us Explain
For these Londoners, the medium is the message: information. By Hugh Aldersey-Williams

58 Slover and the Design of Temptation
Susan Slover (and) Company are masters of the kind of design that makes you want to reach for one product over another. By Rita D. Jacobs

66 Putting Typography on Tour
Tachibana innovates through not doing things the easy way. By Maggie Kinser Saiki

72 Adams Morioka's Double Vision
Young Californians prove you don't have to be ugly to be hip. By Ken Coupland

80 Team of Unorthodox Discipline
The Dutch firm Vorm Vijf orchestrates "an association of soloists." By Tracy Metz

145 The Mead Show: Forty Years of Ideas
Is the annual report now an anachronism or an avatar? By Joanne Stone

96 SVA and the Tscherny Principles
The School of Visual Arts celebrates 50 years with an identity program created by famed designer George Tscherny. By Dee Ito

160 Endpaper
Creative Professionals: Designed for Balance. By Jack Summerford