Issue 304 - Digital Version


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July / August 1996
Cover Image 
A portrait of Michael Schwab by Penny Wolin.

Graphis magazine Issue 304 features the following stories: Beauty of the Brush and Page, by Merrill C. Berman & Denise Urell; Illustration Today: A Global Forum, by Stuart I. Frolick; Modern Physics, Beautiful Fun, by Gianfranco Mantegna; Rem Koolhaas: Reluctant Star, by Nancy Levinson; Agitprop in the New World, by Jurgen Riehle; Absolut Competition: Stolichnaya’s Freedom March, by Linda Cooper Bowen; and Artistry and All that Jazz, by Franz Biffiger.


10 Global Report:
The Swatch Pavilion at the Atlanta Olympics, by Paolo Polledri.

The Art of Advertising, by Herbert Lechner

14 Exhibitions:
Thinking Print: Books to Billboards, by Bret Senft.

Picasso's Portraits, Scorsese's Cuts, Magnum's Founders...

16 New Media:
Plebiscite as Digital Art: People's Choice Web Site, by Jurgen Riehle.

Webcams on the Internet: Computer as Viewfinder, by Richard Lewin

18 Book Reviews:
Treadwell: Photographs by Andrea Modica, reviewed by Rynn Williams.

Taxi Driver Wisdom, reviewed by Rynn Williams.

S, M, L, XL, reviewed by Margot Perman.

MTV Unplugged, reviewed by Peggy Chapman.

Alexander Liberman: Then, reviewed by Edna Goldstaub-Dainotto.

23 Work Ethic:
Ageism, Evolution, and Survival, by Linda Cooper Bowen

26 Consumer Products:
Force Fins, the Jaguar E-Type at MoMA; and Lush Lily Cocktail Trays, by Peggy Chapman

30 Beauty of the Brush and Page
The iconic form of Michael Schwab's art is a welcome sight amidst the increasingly illegible landscape of contemporary art and design. By Merrill C. Berman and Denise Urell

42 Illustration Today
A Global Forum: Art directors from some of the world's leading publications share views and cull works from leading talents in editorial illustration. By Stuart I. Frolick

56 Modern Physics, Beautiful Fun
Patrick Demarchelier is fun. The fact that he is a photographer who shoots beautiful women and celebrities is an added attraction. By Gianfranco Mantegna

68 Rem Koolhaas: Reluctant Star
The visionary architect who once declared "I can think of nothing worse than becoming really popular" now finds himself all the rage in design circles. By Nancy Levinson

76 Agitprop in the New World
By utilizing popular icons and propagandistic images, Alexander Kosalopov's art reflects the hermeneutics of both Soviet and American culture. By Jurgen Riehle

86 Absolut Competition Stolichnaya's Freedom March
How Stoli's "Freedom of Vodka" campaign revitalized a tired brand, ignited a sales force, and won over a dubious market. By Linda Cooper Bowen

88 Artistry and All that Jazz
Niklaus Troxler's posters prove just how far music can be creatively transposed into another medium. By Franz Biffiger