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January / February 1996
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The Light Lite Incorporating Two Polymer Shapes, a Diffuser, and a Reflector, Made by Flos.

Issue 301 of Graphis magazine presents the following articles: Starck Raving Genius of Design, by Beverly Russell; Japanese Posters From the Edge, by Paolo Polledri; Pinkhaus Meets The Designory, by Laurel Harper; The Transformation of Materials, by Edna Goldstaub Dainotto; Dumbar's Civilized Anarchy, by Max Bruinsma; Ammirati and Puris, Plus Lintas, by Michael Kaplan; and Resurrection of the Hapless Yugo, by Dee Ito.


10 Exhibitions:
Tomaszekski Posters, Pedro Meyer Photos, "Le Sex De L'Art," Cyberspace Via Zurich, The Weimar Republic's Women Photographers…

12 Global Report:
British D&AD's Festival of Excellence, by Hugh Aldersey-Williams.
Tullio Pericoli at the Zurich Opera, by Heinke Jenssen.
Austria's Liz Design Center, by Herbert Lechner.
Germany's Maggi Design Competition, by Klaus Leuschel.

14 New Media:
Siggraph Goes Hollywood, by Paolo Polledri.
Soho Goes Cybernetic, by Ken Coupland.

15 Book Reviews:
Art Today, reviewed by Edna Goldstaub-Dainotto.
Ecstasy: Photos by Dieter Blum, reviewed by Rynn Williams.
The 100 Show, reviewed by Ken Coupland.

18 Products:
In today's marketplace, a personal stereo has now become a sports accessory. The proof is in the shock. By Rynn Williams
21 Creativity for a Cause:
Sojourn of the Soho Journal: How a project to benefit the homeless became a showcase for the design community. By Bret Senft
24 Poster of the Earth:
A creative collaboration between designers from around the world makes for an Earth Day exhibition. By Rynn Williams
27 The Business of Design:
Resurrecting the Marmont: Andre Balazs rescues a landmark by restoring its eccentric charm. By Michael Kaplan
30 Starck Raving Genius of Design.
French designer Philippe Starck's futuristic creations have shaped everything from toothbrushes to electronics to grandiose hotels. What inspires such wizardry? By Beverly Russell.
42 Japanese Posters From the Edge.
Combining montage techniques with visceral imagery and a fecund imagination, Japanese poster artist Makoto Saito has managed to transform commercially commissioned work into art. By Paolo Polledri.
54 Pinkhaus Meets The Designory.
The award-winning design sensibility of Pinkhaus finds a new home within the high-tech visions and capabilities of the Designory. By Laurel Harper.
64 The Transformation of Materials.
Endowed with the power of change, new materials are interpreting the goals of designers. A conversation with Paolo Antonelli, curator of MoMA's "Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design" exhibition. By Edna Goldstaub Dainotto.
72 Dumbar's Civilized Anarchy.
In the functional world of Dutch design, the studio of Gert Dumbar is breaking through conventional stylistic barriers. Meet the designer who lent irreverence to the Dutch police. By Max Bruinsma.
82 Ammirati and Puris, Plus Lintas.
Combine an international contingent with a powerhouse American ad agency, and watch the creative fireworks. By Michael Kaplan.
90 Resurrection of the Hapless Yugo.
As an automobile, the Yugo was an undeniable flop. In the hands of students at the School of Visual Arts--Voila!--It's art. By Dee Ito.
100 Graphis Illustrated Books
101 Art Directors Club Newsletter
110 Type Directors Club Newsletter
111 Graphis Call for Entries
114 Graphis Paper Specifier System
145 Graphis Portfolio Review
146 Via 4: Nagold, Germany
148 John Bielenberg, San Francisco, California
150 Ralph Schraivogel, Zurich, Switzerland
152 Guggisberg-Baldwin, Nonfoux, Switzerland
160 Endpaper:
What's a generalist to do in the information age? When do the Techie nerds start paying attention to designers? By Jack Summerford