Issue 30 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 30, 1950
Cover Image by Jan Bons, Amsterdam

Graphis magazine number 30 includes stories on Dutch Commercial Art, written by Hans Jaffe; Genial Publicity (USA), by Ernst Lehner; Container Corporation of America: Good Design—an Important Function of Management, by E. Jacobson; El Taller de Grafica Popular: Workshop for Popular Art in Mexico, by Hannes Meyer; Ottonian Miniatures, by Heinrich Thelen; and The Wood-Engraving, by Karl Rossing. Artists profiled include Stig Lindberg, written by Arthur Hald; and Toulouse-Lautrec: The Complete Oeuvre of his Posters, by Jacques Lassaigne.

104 Dutch Commercial Art (Hans Jaffe)
128 Genial Publicity (U.S.A.) (Ernst Lehner, New York)
140 Container Corporation of America. Good Design – an Important Function of Management (E. Jacobson)
148 Stig Lindberg (Arthur Hald)
156 El Taller de Grafica Popular. Workshop for Popular Art in Mexico (Hannes Meyer)
164 Ottonian Miniatures (Heinrich Thelen)
174Toulouse-Lautrec. The Complete Oeuvre of his Posters (Jacques Lassaigne)
183 The Wood-Engraving (Karl Rossing)
205 Bucherchronik, Miscellaneous, Verschiedenes