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July / August 1995
Cover Image 
Lillian Bassman's The Wonder of Water, from Harper's Bazaar, 1959. Photograph courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Issue 298 of Graphis magazine is devoted to articles about photography. It includes articles on the following photographers: Lillian Bassman: Capturing the Intimate Gesture, by Martin Harrison; Kenji Toma: The Lens as a Looking Glass, by Jack Crager; The Earl of Snowdon: The Magic of Lord Snowdon, by Rita D. Jacobs; Eric Michelson: Imagery and the Irony, by Michael Kaplan; Sarah Moon: Long Day's Journey into Art, by Christian Caujoulle; Cornell Capa: A Mirror Held to Humanity, by Richard Whelan; Barbara Bordnick: The Invisible Technology, by Michael Kaplan & Rynn Williams, and the Graphis Portfolio Review: An international showcase of talent in photography.

30 Capturing the Intimate Gesture:
Lillian Bassman has always been ahead of her time, which explains why her photographs seem timeless. By Martin Harrison
40 The Lens as a Looking Glass:
Kenji Toma elevates still life photography into a vivid form of self-expression. By Jack Crager
50 The Magic of Lord Snowdon:
For the Earl of Snowdon, no stranger to celebrity, the job of the photographer is to become invisible. By Rita D. Jacobs
60 Imagery and the Irony:
Eric Michelson's Dadaist images recall the 1930's style of Man Ray, with ambiguity befitting the 1990's. By Michael Kaplan
68 Long Day's Journey into Art:
Sarah Moon's renown as a fashion photographer has all but eclipsed her true identity as an artist. By Christian Caujoulle
74 A Mirror Held to Humanity:
Cornell Capa's compassion for humankind has shaped his photographs as well as the International Center of Photography. By Richard Whelan
84 The Invisible Technology:
The nude figure meets an unlikely ally-the digital camera-in Barbara Bordnick's straightforward studies. By Michael Kaplan and Rynn Williams
91 Graphis Portfolio Review:
An international showcase of talent in photography