Issue 255 - Digital Version


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May / June 1988
Cover Image 
Cerambyx Cerdo, by Christian Wesp

The 255th issue of Graphis magazine presents articles on Art Directors Club of Germany, written by Thorsten Mann; Studio Soncini & Ginepro, by Terry Jones; Erkki Ruuhinen Design, by Richard Hayhurst; British Design & Art Direction, by Edward Booth-Clibborn; Les Rencontres d'Arles, by Alain Jullien; Graphis Poster 88; Graphis Photo 88; Enamel Advertising Posters, by Heinke Jenssen; and Christian Wesp's Perfect Insects, by Roland Bruggmann.

Cover Cerambyx Cerdo, by Christian Wesp
10 Art Directors Club of Germany, by Thorsten Mann
26 Studio Soncini & Ginepro, by Terry Jones
40 Erkki Ruuhinen Design, by Richard Hayhurst
54 British Design & Art Direction, by Edward Booth-Clibborn
72 Christian Wesp's Perfect Insects, by Roland Bruggmann
76 Les Rencontres d'Arles, by Alain Jullien
88 Graphis Poster 88
94 Graphis Photo 88
100 Enamel Advertising Posters, by Heinke Jenssen