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March / April 1985
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by Jan Młodożeniec, Warsaw

Issue 236 of Graphis magazine features articles on Photographis 85, written by George Lois; and Occasional Graphics as Self-Promotion, by Stanley Mason. Artist profiles include Frances Jetter, written by Gertrude Snyder; Robert Miles Runyan, by Chris Barnett; and Jan Mlodozeniec, by Ewa Kruszewska.

8 Photographis 85, by George Lois, New York
32 Frances Jetter, by Gertrude Snyder, Newton, New Jersey
42 Robert Miles Runyan, by Chris Barnett, Los Angeles
54 Jan Mlodozeniec, by Ewa Kruszewska, Warsaw
64 Occasional Graphics as Self-Promotion, by Stanley Mason, Zurich