Issue 224 - Digital Version


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March / April 1983
Cover Image by Michel Dubré, La Varenne Saint Hilaire (France)

Issue 224 of Graphis magazine includes the following stories: The 14th Kodak Colour Calendar Contest in Stuttgart 1983, written by Prof. L. Fritz Gruber; California Graphic Design '80 -'82, by Kit Hinrichs; and The New Illustration, by Jill Bossert. Artist profiles include Michel Dubre, written by Gilles de Bure; Bill Bonnell, by Prof. David Colley; and Antonio Frasconi, by Steve Heller.

8 The 14th Kodak Colour Calendar Contest in Stuttgart, 1983, by Prof. L. Fritz Gruber, Cologne
20 Michel Dubre, by Gilles de Bure, Paris
30 California Graphic Design '80 -'82, by Kit Hinrichs, San Francisco
52 The New Illustration, by Jill Bossert, New York
66 Bill Bonnell, by Prof. David Colley, Champaign, Illinois
76 Antonio Frasconi, by Steve Heller, New York
90 Book Reviews