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January / February 1983
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by Heinz Edelmann, The Hague

Issue 223 of Graphis magazine includes articles on Swiss Stamp Design, written by Kurt Wirth; American Illustration 1982/83, by Steve Heller; and The Apprentice, by Kurt Wirth. Profiled artists include Edward Gorey, written by Stanley Mason; Heinz Edelmann, by Robert Putz; Andrzej Czeczot, by Jan Sawka; Marcin Mroszczak, by Jacques Richez; and Richard Saul Wurman, by Peter Bradford.

8 Heinz Edelmann, by Robert Putz, Cologne
20 Andrzej Czeczot, by Jan Sawka, New York
36 Marcin Mroszczak, by Jacques Richez, Bievene, Belgium
40 Richard Saul Wurman, by Peter Bradford, New York
52 Swiss Stamp Design, by Kurt Wirth, Berne
58 American Illustration 1982/83, by Steve Heller, New York
68 The Apprentice, by Kurt Wirth, Berne
82 Edward Gorey, by Stanley Mason, Zurich
90 Book Reviews