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ISSUE NO 210 (Nos 207-212) 1980/81
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by Jan Sawka, New York

Graphis magazine Issue 210 includes articles on Shiseido: Image of a Japanese Cosmetics Company, written by Naoko Nakayama; and the Eighth International Poster Biennale in Warsaw 1980, by Philip Risbeck. Artist profiles include Jan Sawka, written by Szymon Bojko; Barbara Nessim, by Dr. Erika Billeter; Erhard Gottlicher, by Prof. Ulrich Gertz; and Oswaldo Miranda (Miran), by Stanley Mason.

288 Jan Sawka, by Szymon Bojko, Warsaw
302 Shiseido:Image of a Japanese Cosmetics Company, by Naoko Nakayama, Vienna
324 Barbara Nessim, by Dr. Erika Billeter, Zurich
332 Eighth International Poster Biennale in Warsaw, 1980, by Philip Risbeck, Fort Collins, Colorado
358 Erhard Gottlicher, by Prof. Ulrich Gertz, Wiesbaden
366 Oswaldo Miranda (Miran), by Stanley Mason, Zurich
370 Book Reviews