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ISSUE NO 193 (Nos 189-194) 1977/78
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by Sophie Grandval, Paris

Issue 193 of Graphis magazine features articles on Chicago ’77, written by Bill Arthur Rogers; and Vogue - Creative Photography for Fashion, by Jacques Lartigue & Helmut Newton. Artists profiled include Rudolph de Harak, written by Nicholas J. Chaparos; Sophie Grandval, by Frederick Leboyer; Henry Steiner-Hong Kong, by Henry Wolf; and Saul Bass, by Herb Yager.

378 Henry Steiner, Hong Kong, by Henry Wolf, New York
392 Saul Bass, by Herb Yager, Los Angeles
408 Chicago '77,by Bill Arthur Rogers, Chicago
422 Vogue - Creative Photography for Fashion, by Jacques Lartigue and Helmut Newton, Paris
444 Rudolph de Harak, by Nicholas J. Chaparos, Washington, D.C.
454 Sophie Grandval, by Frederick Leboyer, Paris
462 Book Reviews