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ISSUE NO 175 (Nos 171-176) 1974/75
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by Seymour Chwast, New York

The 175th issue of Graphis magazine presents the following articles: Advertising for Jeans, written by Hans Kuh; Japanese Packaging Design, by Shigetaka Saito; Beato di Liebana, by Stanley Mason; and 2nd World Animated Film Festival in Zagreb 1974, by Bruno Edera. Profiled artists include Seymour Chwast: A Hundred Heads, written by Jerome Snyder; Vasarely III, by Stanley Mason; Wilhelm Neufeld, by Peter Willberg; Hans Hillmann - Picture Stories, by Hans Kuh; and Roberto Lanterio: Drawings, by Bruno Munari.

378 Advertising for Jeans, by Hans Kuh, Zurich
388 Japanese Packaging Design, by Shigetaka Saito, Tokyo
402 Seymour Chwast: A Hundred Heads, by Jerome Snyder, New York
416 2nd World Animated Film Festival in Zagreb 1974, by Bruno Edera, Geneva
426 Vasarely III, by Stanley Mason, Zurich
432 Wilhelm Neufeld, by Peter Willberg, Frankfurt/M.
436 Hans Hillmann - Picture Stories, by Hans Kuh, Zurich
440 Beato di Liebana, by Stanley Mason, Zurich
448 Roberto Lanterio: Drawings, by Bruno Munari, Milan
455 Book Reviews