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ISSUE NO 158 (Nos 153-158) 1971/72
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by Mervyn Kurlansky

Graphis magazine Issue 158 features articles on Photographis ’72: International Advertising Photography, written by Allen Hurlburt; Swiss Posters 1971, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; Pentagram: A London Design Group, by Herbert Spencer; Chagall’s Stained-Glass Windows in Zurich, by I. Vogelsanger-de Roche; The New York Times: Op-Ed, by Harrison E. Salisbury; Edition Olympia - Artists interpret a sporting event, by Margit Staber; and Macro Color: Calendars with photographs by Manfred P. Kage, by Dr. Herbert W. Franke.

524 Allen Hurlburt, New York: Photographis '72. International Advertising Photography
542 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Swiss Posters 1971
550 Herbert Spencer, London: Pentagram. A London Design Group
568 I. Vogelsanger-de Roche, Zurich: Chagall's Stained-Glass Windows in Zurich
576 Harrison E. Salisbury, New York: The New York Times:Op-Ed
586 Margit Staber, Zurich: Edition Olympia - Artists interpret a sporting event
592 Dr. Herbert W. Franke, Puppling: Macro Color. Calendars with photographs by Manfred P. Kage
610 Book Reviews