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ISSUE NO 157 (Nos 153-158) 1971/72
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by Frank v. B. Starowieyski

Issue 157 of Graphis magazine features the following articles: Picasso 347, written by Aldo & Pierre Crommelynck; Picasso Posters, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; Hoffmann - La Roche, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; The Poster Art of Tomi Ungerer, by Stanley Mason; Franek v. B. Starowieyski, by Manuel Gasser; and Pitseolak: An Eskimo Lifetime in Pictures, by Helga Goetz.

434 Aldo + Pierre Crommelynck, Paris: Picasso 347
444 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Picasso Posters
454 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Hoffmann - La Roche
478 Stanley Mason, Zurich: The Poster Art of Tomi Ungerer
492 Manuel Gasser, Zurich: Franek v. B. Starowieyski
506 Helga Goetz, Ottawa: Pitseolak: An Eskimo Lifetime in Pictures
516 Book Review