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ISSUE NO 156 (Nos 153-158) 1971/72
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by Jean Michel Folon

Graphis magazine Issue 156 presents articles on Olivetti - Portrait of an Industrial Corporation, written by Dr. Renzo Zorzi; Annecy’ 71: 8th International Cartoon Film Festival, by Nino Weinstock; and The Herald-A Modular Approach to Newspaper Design, by Allen Hurlburt. Artists profiled include Jean Michel Folon, written by Francois Mathey; and Ardeshir Mohassess, by Stanley Mason.

346 Dr. Renzo Zorzi, Milan: Olivetti - Portrait of an Industrial Corporation
382 Francois Mathey, Paris: Jean Michel Folon
398 Nino Weinstock, Basel: Annecy' 71: 8th International Cartoon Film Festival
412 Stanley Mason, Zurich: Ardeshir Mohassess
418 Allen Hurlburt, New York: The Herald. A Modular Approach to Newspaper Design
422 Book Review