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ISSUE NO 155 (Nos 153-158) 1971/72
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by Walter Grieder

Issue 155 of Graphis magazine is a special issue on Children's Book Illustration. Articles include: Introducing this special issue, written by Heiri Steiner; Some Thoughts on Children’s Books in the United States, by Ursula Nordstrom; Children’s Books in England, by John Ryder; Present and Future Evolution of the German Picture-Book, by Horst Kunnemann; Thoughts on the Children’s Book in Switzerland, by Rudolf C. Hoenig; Children’s Book Production in France Today, by Christine  Chagnoux; Notes on Japanese Picture-Books, by Bettina Hurlimann; Children’s Book Illustration in Poland, by Zbigniew Rychlicki; Development of Children’s Book Illustration in Czechoslovakia, by Dusan Roll; and The Children’s Picture-Book Today, by Franz Caspar.

196 Editor's Note
196 Heiri Steiner, Zurich: Introducing this special issue
198 Ursula Nordstrom, New York: Some Thoughts on Children's Books in the United States
220 John Ryder, London: Children's Books in England
228 Horst Kunnemann, Hamburg: Present and Future Evolution of the German Picture-Book
242 Rudolf C. Hoenig, Zurich: Thoughts on the Children's Book in Switzerland
258 Christine Chagnoux, Paris: Children's Book Production in France Today
268 Bettina Hurlimann, Zurich: Notes on Japanese Picture-Books
274 Zbigniew Rychlicki, Warsaw: Children's Book Illustration in Poland
284 Dusan Roll, Bratislava: Development of Children's Book Illustration in Czechoslovakia
292 Franz Caspar, Zurich: The Children's Picture-Book Today
329 Book Review
330 Subscriptions