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ISSUE NO 152 (Nos 147-152) 1970/71
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by Richard Lindner

Issue 152 of Graphis magazine includes articles on The Construction Barrier as a Design Medium, written by Stanley Mason; Swiss Posters 1970, by Hans Neuburg; The Calendar as a Publicity Medium, by Rudolf C. Hoenig; and Popular Art in Switzerland, by Rene Creux. Profiled artists include Richard Lindner, written by Manuel Gasser; David Levine, by Jerome Snyder; Charles Saxon, by Jack Dillon; Josse Goffin, by Olaf Leu; and Maurice Garnier, by Peter Knapp.

496 Manuel Gasser, Zurich: Richard Lindner
504 Jerome Snyder, New York: David Levine
510 Stanley Mason, Zurich: The Construction Barrier as a Design Medium
512 Hans Neuburg, Zurich: Swiss Posters 1970
520 Jack Dillon, New York: Charles Saxon
532 Rudolf C. Hoenig, Zurich: The Calendar as a Publicity Medium
552 Rene Creux, Paudex: Popular Art in Switzerland
560 Olaf Leu, Bad Homburg: Josse Goffin
566 Peter Knapp, Paris: Maurice Garnier
578 Book Reviews