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ISSUE NO 151 (Nos 147-152) 1970/71
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by Roland Topor

Graphis magazine Issue 151 includes articles on Principal Modes of Expression in Op Art, written by Rene Parola; The Tapestry Cartoon, by Mario Prassinos; Cuban Posters, by Anton Meier; Artists’ and Photographers’ Self-Promotion, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; Industrial Devices, by Roger Silvester; and Situla Art, by Stanley Mason. Artists profiled include Corita, written by John Taylor; Roland Topor, by Manuel Gasser; Fulvio Roiter, by Jean Michel Folon; and Erte, by Stanley Mason.

398 John Taylor, Geneva: Corita
410 Manuel Gasser, Zurich: Roland Topor
418 Rene Parola, Pasadena: Principal Modes of Expression in Op Art
426 Mario Prassinos, Paris: The Tapestry Cartoon
434 Jean Michel Folon, Burcy: Fulvio Roiter
440 Anton Meier, Luzern: Cuban Posters
446 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Artists' and Photographers' Self-Promotion
464 Roger Silvester, Edmonton: Industrial Devices
468 Stanley Mason, Zurich: Erte
472 Stanley Mason, Zurich: Situla Art
486 Bucherchronik