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ISSUE NO 150 (Nos 147-152) 1970/71
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by Takeji Iwamiya

The 150th issue of Graphic magazine focuses on Expo '70 in Osaka. Articles include The World Exhibition in Osaka, written by Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa; A Designer’s View of Expo ’70 Osaka, by Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa; The Swiss Pavilion, by Ernst Hiestand; The U.S. Pavilion, by Thomas H. Geismar; The Japanese Pavilions, by Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa; Art at Expo ‘70, by Dr. Manfred Sack; Aspects of the Official Graphic Design Programme of Expo ‘70, by Masaru Katzumie; and Audio-visual Presentation, by Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa.

296 Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa, Zurich: The World Exhibition in Osaka
298 Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa, Zurich: A Designer's View of Expo '70, Osaka
320 Ernst Hiestand, Zurich: The Swiss Pavilion
328 Thomas H. Geismar, New York: The U.S. Pavilion
336 Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa, Zurich: The Japanese Pavilions
358 Dr. Manfred Sack, Hamburg: Art at Expo ‘70
364 Masaru Katzumie, Tokyo: Aspects of the Official Graphic Design Programme of Expo ‘70
372 Shizuko Muller-Yoshikawa, Zurich: Audio-visual Presentation
388 Book Review