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ISSUE NO 148 (Nos 147-152) 1970/71
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by Fritz Gottschalk

Graphis magazine Issue 148 includes articles on Art Directors Club of New York 49th Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art, written by Henry Wolf; Gottschalk + Ash, by Bill Bantey; Knoll International-Portrait of a Corporation, by Christine Rae; Schweppervescence goes on the air, by Bill Alderisio; and Hans-Ulrich + Ute Osterwalder, by Willy Rotzler. Artists profiled include Armin Hofmann, written by Will Burtin; and Paul Hogarth, by James Boswell.


110 Will Burtin, New York: Armin Hofmann
122 Henry Wolf, New York: Art Directors Club of New York. 49th Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art
138 Bill Bantey, Montreal: Gottschalk + Ash
148 James Boswell, London: Paul Hogarth
154 Christine Rae, New York: Knoll International. Portrait of a Corporation
164 Bill Alderisio, New York: Schweppervescence goes on the air
170 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Hans-Ulrich + Ute Osterwalder