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ISSUE NO 146 (Nos 141-146) 1969/70
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by Olaf Leu

Graphis magazine Issue 146 is devoted to two world-renowned art schools, the Royal College of Art in London and the School of Applied Arts in Basel. For the Royal College of Art, articles include The School of Graphic Design, written by Richard Guyatt; Structure, by Ken Baynes; Communication Department, by Richard Guyatt; Illustration Department, by Brian Robb; Print Making Department, by Edwin La Dell; Photography Department, by John Hedgecoe; Staff Members, by Ken Baynes; ARK-A Magazine Designed and Edited by RCA Students, by Ken Baynes; Lion and Unicorn Press, by Ken Baynes; Automatic Cartography, by David Bickmore; Library Materials Conservation, by Peter Waters; and Readability of Print, by Herbert Spencer. <br /><br />For the School of Applied Art, articles include an Introduction, written by Emil Ruder; The Advanced Graphic Design Course, by Armin Hofmann; Design Processes, by Armin Hofmann; Variations, by Armin Hofmann; Safety Symbols, Safety Signs, by Max Schmid; Symbol Abstraction, by Kurt Hauert; Typographic Image, by Wolfgang Weingart; Lettering Signs, by Andre Gurtler; Film and Television Graphics, by Peter von Arx; Space Structuring, by Maria Vieira; Sign and Colour, by Franz Fedier; and Three-dimensional Signs, by Johannes Burla.

488 Richard Guyatt, London: The School of Graphic Design
490 Ken Baynes, London: Structure
492 Richard Guyatt, London: Communication Department
500 Brian Robb, London: Illustration Department
510 Edwin La Dell, London: Print Making Department
516 John Hedgecoe, London: Photography Department
522 Ken Baynes, London: Staff Members
528 Ken Baynes, London: ARK - A Magazine Designed and Edited by RCA Students
532 Ken Baynes, London: Lion and Unicorn Press
534 David Bickmore, London: Automatic Cartography
536 Peter Waters, London: Library Materials Conservation
538 Herbert Spencer, London: Readability of Print
540 Emil Ruder, Basel: Introduction
542 Armin Hofmann, Basel: The Advanced Graphic Design Course
544 Armin Hofmann, Basel: Design Processes
546 Armin Hofmann, Basel: Variations
550 Max Schmid, Basel: Safety Symbols, Safety Signs
552 Kurt Hauert, Basel: Symbol Abstraction
554 Wolfgang Weingart, Basel: Typographic Image
556 Andre Gurtler, Basel: Lettering Signs
558 Peter von Arx, Basel: Film and Television Graphics
560 Maria Vieira, Basel: Space Structuring
562 Franz Fedier, Basel: Sign and Colour
563 Johannes Burla, Basel: Three-dimensional Signs