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ISSUE NO 145 (Nos 141-146) 1969/70
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by Jan Lenica

Happy birthday, Graphis! The 145th issue of Graphis magazine marks the publication's 125th anniversary. Articles in this issue include The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, written by Alan Aldridge; Plastic Design Research, by Milan Group of Designers; Artist’s Christmas and New Year’s Cards, by Alastair Allen; Adam 2-A new cartoon film by Jan Lenica, by Alf Brustellin; and Draeger-A design-conscious printer in Paris, by Willy Rotzler. Artists profiled in this issue include Alan Aldridge, written by George Perry; Roman Cieslewicz, by Pierre Descarguies; and Tomi Ungerer: The Party, by Manuel Gasser.

385 Walter Herdeg: Graphis celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary
392 George Perry, London: Alan Aldridge
400 Alan Aldridge, London: The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
410 Milan Group of Designers: Plastic Design Research
418 Manuel Gasser, Zurich: Tomi Ungerer: The Party
426 Alastair Allen, Ludlow: Artist's Christmas and New Year's Cards
440 Pierre Descarguies, Paris: Roman Cieslewicz
448 Alf Brustellin, Munchen, Adam 2. A new cartoon film by Jan Lenica
454 Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Draeger. A design-conscious printer in Paris
475 Book Reviews