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ISSUE NO 142 (Nos 141-146) 1969/70
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by Keith Godard

Graphis magazine Issue 142 includes articles on Psychotherapeutic Drugs and their Graphics, written by Rudi Wolff; Photographis ’69 International Advertising Photography, by Bob Brooks; Calligraphic Art (sho) by Contemporary Japanese Masters, by Irmtraud Schaarschmidt-Richter; Punch-Covers of a satirical magazine, by William Hewison; and Polska-A Polish Cultural Magazine, by Dr. Willy Rotzler. Artists profiled include Kiky Vices Vinci: Jewelry of Squares and Circles, written by Margit Staber; Eugenio Carmi-Original Safety Posters, by Gillo Dorfles; and Don Ivan Punchatz, by Jerome Snyder.

106 Rudi Wolff, New York: Psychotherapeutic Drugs and their Graphics
120 Bob Brooks, London: Photographis '69. International Advertising Photography
138 Irmtraud Schaarschmidt-Richter, Frankfurt: Calligraphic Art (sho) by Contemporary Japanese Masters
152 William Hewison, London: Punch. Covers of a satirical magazine
158 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Polska. A Polish Cultural Magazine
164 Margit Staber, Zurich: Kiky Vices Vinci. Jewelry of Squares and Circles
168 Gillo Dorfles, New York: Eugenio Carmi. Original Safety Posters
170 Jerome Snyder, New York: Don Ivan Punchatz
183 Book Reviews