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ISSUE NO 140 1968
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by Gene Laurents

Issue 140 of Graphis magazine features articles on Twen: Magazine design for a swinging generation, written by Wolfram Siebeck; Three-Dimensional Illustration, by Dave Epstein; Mexico ’68-Graphics of the Olympic Games, by Willy Rotzler; The Art of Ancient Egypt, by Erika Billeter; Ancient Maya Relief Sculpture: Rubbings by Merle Greene, by Stanley Mason; and Sati Memorial Stones, by Ajit Mookerjee. Artist profiles include Gene Laurents: The ephemeral image, written by Willy Rotzler; Hermenegildo Sabat, by Sigwart Blum; Jean Alessandrini, by Gregoire Mueller; and Warja Honegger-Lavater: Sketch Book-A subjective history of art in drawings, by Willy Rotzler.

478 Wolfram Siebeck, Riederau: Twen. Magazine design for a swinging generation
490 Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Gene Laurents. The ephemeral image.
496 Sigwart Blum, Buenos Aires: Hermenegildo Sabat
500 Dave Epstein, New York: Three-Dimensional Illustration
514 Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Mexico '68. Graphics of the Olympic Games
520 Gregoire Mueller, Paris: Jean Alessandrini
526 Erika Billeter, Zurich: The Art of Ancient Egypt
540 Stanley Mason, Zurich: Ancient Maya Relief Sculpture: Rubbings by Merle Greene
546 Ajit Mookerjee, New Delhi: Sati Memorial Stones
552 Willy Rotzler, Zurich: Warja Honegger-Lavater: Sketch Book. A subjective history of art in drawings
556 Book Reviews