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ISSUE NO 135 1967
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by Peter Max

The 135th issue of Graphis magazine includes articles on Photographis '68, written by Walter Boje; The Poster Craze, by Manuel Gasser; The Hippie Poster, by Peter Selz; and American Art Posters, by Stanley Mason. Profiled artists include Bruno Caruso, written by Renato Giani; Lionel Kalish, by Erika Billeter; and John Massey-Container Corporation of America, by Yustin Wallrapp.

8 Yustin Wallrapp, Chicago: John Massey-Container Corporation of America
20 Walter Boje, Leichlingen: Photographis '68
38 Renato Giani, Roma: Bruno Caruso
44 Erika Billeter, Zürich: Lionel Kalish
52 Manuel Gasser, Zürich: The Poster Craze
70 Peter Selz, Berkeley: The Hippie Poster
78 Stanley Mason, Zürich: American Art Posters
93 Book Reviews