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ISSUE NO 118 1965
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by Herbert Leupin

In Graphis magazine Issue 118, you'll find articles on Columbia Broadcasting System: The Image of an American radio and Television Network, written by Jermone Snyder; Designs to Fit the Occasion, by Stanle Mason; and Sinisgalli/Casellano: Paese Lucano, by Lucia Moholy. Artists profiled include Herbert Leupin, written by Manuel Gasser; Eurgenio Carmi, by Dr. Gillo Dorflies; Veronique Filozof, by Lucia Moholy; Gislebertus, Sculptor of Autun, by Alastair Allen; Hans Jürgen Rau: Designer / Art Director, by Franz Hermann Wills; and G.B. Bodoni: Manuale Tipografico, by Claudio Bianconi.

98 Manuel Gasser, Zürich: Herbert Leupin
110 Franz Hermann Wills, Berlin: Hans Jürgen Rau. Designer / Art Director
116 Jermone Snyder, New York: Columbia Broadcasting System. The Image of an American Radio and Television Network
134 Claudio Bianconi, Milano: G.B. Bodoni: Manuale Tipografico
136 Dr. Gillo Dorflies, Milano: Eurgenio Carmi
142 Stanle Mason, Zürich: Designs to Fit the Occasion
158 Lucia Moholy, Zürich: Sinisgalli/Casellano: Paese Lucano
160 Lucia Moholy, Zürich: Veronique Filozof
166 Alastair Allen, Ludlow: Gislebertus, Sculptor of Autun
170 Book Review
176 In Memoriam