Issue 11/12 - Digital Version


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October / November / December 1945
Cover Image by André Derain

Issue 11/12 of Graphis magazine focuses largely on visual arts, with articles on Derain's "Pantagruel," written by Pierre Gauchat; The Chinese Method of Writing and Painting with Ink, by Lin Tsiu-sen; Soviet Children's Paintings, by Hans Kasser; Eidenbenz, by Hans Kasser; Paul Grimault's Film Cartoons/Trickfilme, by Colette Vasselon; a profile of Margeurite Ammann, by Dr. Albert Baur; The Cataloguese of "Trois Quartiers," by C. Vasselon; 2x Alois Carigiet, by Manuel Gasser; Picasso: "…Sueno y mentira," by Dr. Bernhard Geiser; Displays by Fritz Keller, by Hans Kasser; The Copy-Book of Urban Wyss, by Dr. Hermann Kienzle; Some Master Drawings from the work of Urs Graf, by Dr. Hans Kogler; Travel-Souvenirs, by Hans Kasser; Photos et montages de Pierre Boucher, by Remy Duval; and New American Art Books, by Max Bill. In English and German.

306 Derain’s “Pantagruel (Pierre Gauchat)
314 The Chinese Method of Writing and Painting with Ink (Lin Tsiu-sen)
320 Soviet Children’s Paintings (Hans Kasser)
326 Eidenbenz (Hans Kasser)
336 Paul Grimault Film Cartoons/Trickfilme (Colette Vasselon)
348 Margeurite Ammann (Dr. Albert Baur)
359 The Cataloguese of “Trois Quartiers” (C. Vasselon)
372 2x Alois Carigiet (Manuel Gasser)
384Picasso: “…Sueno y mentira” (Dr. Bernhard Geiser)
386 Displays by Fritz Keller (Hans Kasser)
395 The Copy-Book of Urban Wyss (Dr. Hermann Kienzle)
403 Some Master Drawings from the work of Urs Graf (Dr. Hans Kogler)
410 Travel-Souvenirs (Hans Kasser)
412 Photos et montages de Pierre Boucher (Remy Duval)
416 Resume Francais des textes
436 New American Art Books, by Max Bill