Issue 109 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 109 1963
Cover Image by ‚ÄéRaymond Savignac, Paris

Issue 109 of Graphis magazine features articles on Design & Art Direction ‘63, written by John Commander; Art for the Authorities, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; Zürich – Graphic Image of a Swiss Town, by Dr. Willy Rotzler; Winsor & Newton Ltd. A Corporate Identity Programme, by William B. McDonald; Design Experiments with Type, by Werner Pfeiffer; Les Recontres de Lurs 1963, by Gérard Blanchard; and Savignac: Posters that shock, by Raymond Savignac. Artist profiles include Henry Wolf: Magazine Art Director & Designer; Ronald Searle: Anatomies and Decapitations, by Ben Shahn; Akira Uno, by Ryuichi Yamashiro; and Francis Deransart, by Pierre Descargues.

354 Henry Wolf, New York: Henry Wolf. Magazine Art Director & Designer
364 John Commander, London: Design & Art Direction ‘63
376 Raymond Savignac, Paris: Savignac. Poster that shock
386 Ben Shahn, Roosevelt, N.J.: Ronald Searle. Anatomies and Decapitations
392 Ryuichi Yamashiro, Tokyo: Akira Uno
398 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zürich: Art for the Authorities
408 Dr. Willy Rotzler, Zürich: Zürich - Graphic Image of a Swiss Town
416 William B. McDonald, London: Winsor & Newton Ltd. A Corporate Identity Programme
420 Pierre Descargues, Paris: Francis Deransart
424 Werner Pfeiffer, New York: Design Experiments with Type
428 Gérard Blanchard, Paris: Les Recontres de Lurs, 1963
430 Book Review