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ISSUE NO 108 1963
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by ‎Franco Grignani, Milano

Issue 108 of Graphis magazine includes the following articles: Israel-Graphic Art in a Young Country, written by George Him; The Expressive Potentialities of Photography, by F. Berrer; Canadian Eskimo Graphic Art, by Evan H. Turner; Peasant Art on Yugoslav Funeral Steles, by Vera Horvat-Pintaric; Swedish Runic Stones, by Louis Büsser; Some Examples of Early New England Gravestones, by Allan I. Ludwig; and Modern Swiss Gravestones, by Maria Netterm Basel. Artists profiled include Emanuele Luzzati, written by Leo Lionni; and Franco Grignani.

268 George Him, London: Israel: Graphic Art in a Young Country
278 Leo Lionni, Lavagna: Emanuele Luzzati
288 F. Berrer, Zürich: The Expressive Potentialities of Photography
298 Franco Grignani, Milano: Franco Grignani
302 Evan H. Turner, Montreal: Canadian Eskimo Graphic Art
314 Vera Horvat-Pintaric, Zagreb: Peasant Art on Yugoslav Funeral Steles
320 Louis Büsser, Zürich: Swedish Runic Stones
326 Allan I. Ludwig, Hamden, Conn.: Some Examples of Early New England Gravestones
334 Maria Netterm, Basel: Modern Swiss Gravestones
338 Icograda
344 Book Reviews