Issue 105 - Digital Version


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January / February 1963
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by Robert Delpire, Paris

The 105th issue of Graphis magazine includes articles on Identity Value in Paperbacks, written by Ivo Frenzel; Recent Polish Posters, by Manuel Gasser; and Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel Paris, by Pierre Descargues. Artist profiles include the following: Ikko Tanaka, Kohei Sugiura & Kiyoshi Awazu, written by Yusaku Kamekura; Robert Delpire, by Claude Roy; Edward Sorel, by Carlos C. Dranke; Heinz Edelmann, by Franz Hermann Wills; and Josef Flejsar, by Bohumil Zahradnik.

8 Ivo Frenzel. München: Identity Value in Paperbacks
20 Yusaku Kamekura, Tokyo: Ikko Tanaka - Kohei Sugiura – Kiyoshi Awazu
30 Claude Roy, Paris: Robert Delpire
40 Carlos C. Dranke, Zürich: Edward Sorel
48 Manuel Gasser, Zürich: Recent Polish Posters
60 Franz Hermann Wills, Berlin: Heinz Edelmann
68 Bohumil Zahradnik, Praha: Josef Flejsar
72 Pierre Descargues, Paris: Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel, Paris
87 Bücher-Chronik