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“The industrial revolution and the swift technological development that has followed have successively split up art and knowledge into their component parts and have destroyed the unity of visual design and architecture, so that we now have to fit them together again. Whatever task is allocated to the environmental designer, his first principle should be the integration of art and architecture and the unity of function and aesthetics.

This book is a review of some of the best attempts made up to date to live up to this principle. We have collected examples from many countries, not forgetting bold experiments. Leading authorities have written introductory texts on their own fields. Most of them are very much aware of the complexity of the task they write about, for in the last few decades technical progress has run away with us, and we must now try to regain control over our urban and industrial landscapes so that they once more become understandable to the man in the street.”*

*Excerpt from the original Archigraphia book by Walter Herdeg*