Ally & Gargano

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Hardcover, 11.5" x 12.2", 10.2lb, 583 pages, ISBN 9781932026610

Gargano has come out with a painstakingly researched, lucidly written and strikingly art directed book.

—Barbara Lippert Columnist, Adweek

Amil Gargano chronicles 46 advertising case studies created by the most successful ad agency of the 1960s: Ally & Gargano. Their history begins with a then unknown import, Volvo, and reveals the strategy that helped establish it as an international icon. The book follows Ally & Gargano as they use daring strategies to change the perceptions of corporations IBM and Travelers Insurance; reestablish Pan Am’s worldwide leadership; transform Saab to national status; and create memorable ads for many other clients, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Timberland, Calvin Klein, Time magazine and Polaroid.