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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781954632271
Print version available in August 2024

Graphis Journal 381 marks the 80th anniversary of this iconic publication, showcasing exceptional Graphis Masters and leading creative talents. This edition provides an exclusive insight into their creative processes and philosophies, highlighting the power of creativity in design, advertising, photography, art, illustration, and education.

Inside This Edition:

  • Design Excellence:

    • Poulin + Morris Inc. (US): Discover how this design duo blends narrative with visual elegance.

    • Masahiro Aoyagi (JP) from TOPPAN: Learn about the importance of adaptability in both personal and professional realms.

    • Derwyn Goodall (CA): Explore how Goodall Integrated Design blends social awareness and aesthetics into engaging visual storytelling.

  • Advertising Innovations:

    • Sukle Advertising (US): Look inside how Mike Sukle's team uses creativity to transform sectors like sustainability and health.

  • Photography Frontiers:

    • Peter Samuels (US): From still life to animal portraiture, discover how his canine companion inspired a new artistic direction.

    • Howard Schatz (US): Journey through Schatz's ongoing quest to push the boundaries of photographic art.

  • Art and Illustration:

    • Guy Billout (FR/US): Revel in the insights from this iconic award-winning illustrator whose work graces numerous prestigious platforms globally.

  • Educational Leadership:

    • Douglas May, University of North Texas (US): Experience how real-world insights shape the next generation of creative leaders.

  • Innovative Products:

    • Rolls-Royce Ghost (UK): A look at the pinnacle of bespoke luxury in personal vehicles.

    • Fetch+ 4 Electric Bike (US) from Trek: Discover how this bike changes the urban transport landscape.

    • Twin-Engine DA62 (SL) from Diamond Aircraft and Pipistrel's Taurus Electro: Leading innovations in aviation technology.

  • Architectural Marvels:

    • Azabudai Hills (JP/UK): A collaboration that exemplifies blending urban life with natural settings.

    • Alchemy's weebarnHouse (US): A modern take on rural aesthetics using sustainable practices.

Each feature in Graphis Journal 381 is crafted with the insightful perspective that only eight decades of experience can provide. This edition celebrates Graphis's legacy and propels it and the talents inside into the future, continuing to inspire and educate those who appreciate the profound impact of visual arts. We invite you to be a part of this journey, to be inspired and enlightened by the creativity and innovation that Graphis Journal has championed for 80 years.

Cover Image: Golden Headed Pheasant Photo by Peter Samuels