Journal 378

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781954632219

Design looks into the work of Jones Knowles Ritchie, celebrating the power of cultural trends in design, and Holger Matthies, known for his captivating opera and political posters. Steven Heller shares his extensive journey through graphic design, highlighting his contributions to preserving its history.

Advertising features Robert Talarczyk, a pioneer in pharmaceutical advertising, sharing the secrets behind his success and creative direction.

Photography presents Takahiro Igarashi's minimalist approach, Cameron Davidson's breathtaking aerial photography, and Felix Holzer's journey to international acclaim, offering unique perspectives on their craft.

Products introduce innovations in transportation, from the customizable Piper Aircraft Inc. M600/SLS and the accessible Jetson One eVTOL to luxury on water with the AI-equipped No Stress sports yacht and the wave-independent RÄVIK electric surfboards.

Architecture highlights vacation homes designed to integrate with nature, from Studio Saxe's floating villa in Costa Rica to Croxatto Y Opazo Arquitectos' wind-and-wave-inspired Chilean cabins.

Education focuses on Josh Ege of Texas A&M University-Commerce, who shares his collaborative learning approach and the promise of his award-winning students.

Embrace this journey into creative excellence with the latest Graphis Journal. Each page is filled with stories of inspiration, making it a must-have for anyone passionate about the art and science of creativity. Discover the interviews that bring these extraordinary talents closer to you, offering valuable insights into their creative processes and careers. Order your copy today and be inspired by the leaders shaping our visual world.

Cover Image: NARS Audacious Eau De Parfum, 2020; Photo by Takahiro Igarashi