Journal 375

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Softcover, 8.25" x 11.75", 1.7lb, 144 pages, ISBN 9781954632110

10 DJ Stout (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Maureen E. Pacino
“DJ Stout is an extraordinary designer. Instead of following international trends, DJ has embraced his Western Texas roots and incorporated that into much of his design ethos.” —Randal Ford, Photographer & Portraitist

28 Rikke Hansen / Denmark Intro by Barnabas Wetton
“Rikke is a great person and artist. She's innovative, creative, and has a special touch for letters and colors. She's accommodating and super nice to work with.” —Orhan Özgür Turan, Musician, Hudna

46 Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness / USA Intro by Jon O’Hara
“Carol and her team do meaningful work while always keeping it fun. That balance makes the work and the experience making it worthwhile. And f’in hilarious.” —David Freid, Film Director

60 Henry Leutwyler (Graphis Master) / Switzerland/USA Intro by Nick Sullivan
“It’s not just his mastery behind the lens that makes Henry one of the most engaging photographers in the world. It’s his big open heart that allows each subject to shine and be honored.” —Michael Foley, Owner, Foley Gallery

76 Nicholas Duers / USA Intro by Kristen Shirley
“Let me begin by saying that Nicholas is a true team player and collaborator. He is passionate and meticulous, and his images have life and strength to them.” —Mark Fina, Vice President, Global Creative Direction, Aveda Corporation Inc.

92 Jack Unruh (Graphis Master) / USA Intro by Judy Whalen
“Jack Unruh was the kind of artist who you knew about and loved and admired, and when you met him he makes it all about you. A generous person and one we all should remember and emulate. So happy to have known him.” —Tim O’Brien, Artist & Illustrator

106 Evija by Lotus Cars
/ UK
108 MK1 and Trident by P50 Cars / UK

112 Ishahayi Beach Villa by Studio Contra
/ Nigeria
114 Höjhult Timber Frame Cabin by Fabel Arkitektur / Sweden

118 Theron Moore, California State University, Fullerton / USA Intro by Abigail Jackson
“Theron Moore's passion for design is especially reflective in his teaching. He knows exactly how to spark your creative drive to make your own masterpiece.” —Derek Daproza, Student

Cover Image: Personal work, series: Vanitas; 2015. Photography by Nicholas Duers