Issue 32 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 32, 1950
Cover Image: by Jacques Nathan, Paris

Issue 32 of Graphis magazine features articles on Value and Standing of the Postage Stamp, written by F.H. Ehmcke; Loterie Nationale, by William B. McDonald; Swiss Intercantonal Lottery, by William B. McDonald; Art in Rome, by Georgine Oeri; and Christmas and New Year's Cards. Artists profiled include Christian Berard, written by Boris Kochno; Olga Siemaszko, by Jan Lenica; P. Fix-Masseau, by Waldemar George; Hans Falk, by Spanien & Marokko; and Margrit Linck's Pottery. Additionally, there is A Statement on Modern Art from the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and the Boston Museum of Contemporary Art.


292 Christian Berard (Boris Kochno)

302 Value and Standing of the Postage Stamp (F.H. Ehmcke)

312 Loterie Nationale (William B. McDonald)

320 Swiss Intercantonal Lottery (McDonald)

330 Christmas and New Year’s Cards

348 Olga Siemaszko (Jan Lenica)

360 Art in Rome (Georgine Oeri)

370 P. Fix-Masseau (Waldemar George)

374 Margrit Linck. Pottery

376 Hans Falk: Spanien/Marokko

377 A Statement on Modern Art. Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum and Boston Museum of Contemporary Art

378Eine Erklarung uber moderne Kunst

381 Book Review

383 Miscellaneous, Varia

384 Bucherchronik