Issue 31 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 31, 1950
Cover Image: by Thomas Eckersley, London

Issue 31 of Graphis magazine features articles on British Commercial Art, written by Charles Rosner; The Molehill Press, by John Averill; Art Brut, by Francois Stahly & Georgine Oeri; The First Marshall Plan Poster Competition, by William B. McDonald; A Poster Scheme Finds Favor, by Georgine Oeri; a profile of Aubrey Beardsley, by R.A. Walker; and Ohrbach's New York Newspaper Advertisements.


206 British Commercial Art (Charles Rosner)

250 Aubrey Beardsley (R.A. Walker)

258 Ohrbach’s (New York) Newspaper Advertisements

264 The Molehill Press (John Averill)

272 Art Brut (Francois Stahly/Georgine Oeri)

278 The First Marshall Plan Poster Competition (William B. McDonald)

282 A Poster Scheme Finds Favor (Georgine Oeri)

290 Book Review, Austellungen, Bucherchronik