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ISSUE NO 28, 1949
Cover Image by Hans Hartmann, Bern

Graphis magazine 28 is the "Special Swiss Number" issue. It exclusively features stories on Swiss commercial artists. Articles include: Character and Development of the Swiss Poster, written by Hans Kasser; Verband Schweizerischer Graphiker (the Swiss Union of Graphic Artists), by Fritz Buhler; Exhibition Design and Window Display, by Georgine Oeri; Booklets and Folders, by H. Neuburg-Coray; Artistic Travel Publicity, by Hans Kasser; The Packing, by G. Golinese; Book Jackets and Magazine Covers, by G.Oeri; Book and Magazine Illustration, by Elizabeth Gerold; Trade Marks, Symbols & Emblems, by Walter Herdeg; Press and Magazine Advertisements, by Pierre Gauchat; Three Swiss Type Faces; plus an additional piece on Picasso's Peace Poster.

306 Verband Schweizerischer Graphiker. (Fritz Buhler)
316 Character and Development of the Swiss Poster (Hans Kasser)
332 Exhibition Design and Window Display (Georgine Oeri)
340 Booklets and Folders (H. Neuburg-Coray)
350 Artistic Travel Publicity (Hans Kasser)
356 The Packing (G. Golinese)
362 Book Jackets and Magazine Covers (G.Oeri)
368 Book and Magazine Illustration (Elizabeth Gerold)
376 Trade Marks, Symbols and Emblems (Walter Herdeg)
384 Press and Magazine Advertisements (Pierre Gauchat)
394 Three Swiss Type Faces (-ss-)
397 Picasso’s Peace Poster
408 Book Review
410 Bucherchronik, Mischellaneous
411 Verschiedenes