Issue 26 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 26, 1949
Cover Image by George Giusti, New York

Graphis magazine Issue 26 includes articles on The Church of Assy, written by F. Stahly; Advertising Radio – Radio Advertising, by L. Fritz Gruber; Tarots Packs, by Pierre Louis Duchartre; Modern Packs and Playing-Card Tradition, by F. Stahly; Salon de l'Imagerie Francaise: Beauty in Utility, by Paul Lavalley; Czech Posters, by Georgine Oeri; and London Transport: A Poster Tradition. Artist profiles feature Rouault: Miserere, written by Jacques Lassaigne; Saul Steinberg, by Hans Naef; George Giusti, by Georgine Oeri; Fritz Buhler, by Walter Stahelin; and Cecilia Staples: Window Displays (USA), by William B. McDonald.

Issue 26
102 Rouault: Miserere (Jacques Lassaigne)
112 Saul Steinberg. (Hans Naef)
122 London Transport. A Poster Tradition
128 The Church of Assy (F. Stahly)
134 Advertising Radio – Radio Advertising (L. Fritz Gruber)
148 George Giusti. (Georgine Oeri)
154 Fritz Buhler (Walter Stahelin)
162 Cecilia Staples. Window Displays (USA) (William B. McDonald)
168 Tarots Packs (Pierre Louis Duchartre)
174 Modern Packs and Playing-Card Tradition (F. Stahly)
180 Salon de l’Imagerie Francaise.Beauty in Utility ( Paul Lavalley)
188 Czech Posters (Georgine Oeri)
208 Book Review
209 Bucherchronik: Verschiedenes