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ISSUE NO 18 1947

Issue 18 of Graphis Magazine includes: Death and the Statues, written by Jean Cocteau and accompanied by photos by Pierre Jahan; The "La Fontaine" of the Later Middle Ages in the Early Prints, by Arnold Pfister; State and Industrial Design in Great Britain, by Noel Carrington; New Swiss Posters, by Georgine Oeri; Three Centuries of French Bookbinding, by Alfred Hoefliger; and Advertising Art in Post-War Italy, by Antonio Boggeri. Artist profiles include Salvador Dali, written by Georges Borgeaud; Villemot, by W.H. Allner; Franciszka Themerson, by Charles Rosner; Fritz Pauli: In Praise of Fresco, by Wilhelm Sulser; Paul Rand, by Georgine Oeri; Orneore Metelli: The Shoemaker of Terni; and Ashley: Keep Death off the Road.

71 Death and the Statues (Text:Jean Cocteau; Photos: Pierre Jahan)
74 Paul Rand (Georgine Oeri)
88 Salvador Dali 1946 (Georges Borgeaud)
92 Orneore Metelli. The Shoemaker of Terni
96 Villemot. (W.H. Allner)
99 The “La Fontaine” of the Later Middle Ages in the Early Prints (Arnold Pfister)
107 Ashley: Keep Death off the Road
108 State and Industrial Design in Great Britain (Noel Carrington)
118 Franciszka Themerson (Charles Rosner)
124 Fritz Pauli: In Praise of Fresco (Introduction: Wilhelm Sulser)
130 New Swiss Posters (Georgine Oeri)
138 Three Centuries of French Bookbinding (Alfred Hoefliger)
148 Advertising Art in Post-War Italy (Antonio Boggeri)
158 Book Review
161 Bucherchronik
159 Personalia
162 Miscellaneous