Issue 16 - Digital Version


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ISSUE NO 16, 1946
Cover Image by Montage Walter Herdeg

Graphis magazine Issue 16 features articles on Religious Images in France, written by Colette Vasselon; Artistry of the Pendulum, by Hans Naef; A Children’s Painting Competition, by Hans Kasser; Chinese Stone Rubbings, by Prof. O. Fischer; The Golden Age of English Caricature, by F.D. Klingender; Young British Painters, by Bernhard Denvir; Tapestry and Holy Fire, by Denise Majorel; and Pro Telephon – An Advertising Organisation for the Promotion of the Telephone. Artist profiles include John Atherton, written by Hans Kasser; William Steig, by Hans Naef; Eric Ravilious, by Noel Carrington; Kurt Wirth, by Hans Neuburg; John Averill, by Hans Naef; and Alfred Fairbank: An English Calligrapher and Writing Master, by Jan Tschichold.

402 Religious Images in France (Colette Vasselon)
412 John Atherton (Hans Kasser)
420 William Steig (Hans Naef)
430 Eric Ravilious (Noel Carrington)
436 Artistry of the Pendulum (Hans Naef)
448 A Children’s Painting Competition (H. Kasser)
456 Chinese Stone Rubbings (Prof. O. Fischer)
462 Alfred Fairbank. An English Calligrapher and Writing Master (Jan Tschichold)
468 The Golden Age of English Caricature (F.D. Klingender)
480 Kurt Wirth (Hans Neuburg)
490 Pro Telephon – An Advertising Organisation for the Promotion of the Telephone
494 Young British Painters (Bernhard Denvir)
502 John Averill (Hans Naef)
508 Tapestry and Holy Fire (Denise Majorel)