Issue 14 - Digital Version


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March / April 1946
Cover Image by Milner Gray

Issue 14 of Graphis magazine is a special "England" issue. It features stories about British personalities and movements within the graphic design world. Articles include: Henry Moore – The Shelter Drawings, written by A.D.B. Sylvester; English Book Jackets, by Charles Rosner; British Humour, by Arnold Lunn; a profile of Bruce Angrave, by Frederick Laws; British Poster Art during the War, by Noel Carrington; Recent Trends in English Illustration, by James Boswell; a profile of Lewitt-Him, by Manuel Gasser; The British Exhibition, by Peter Austen; English Illustrated Books for Young Children, by Noel Carrington; Press Advertising in Great Britain, by McCullough; Britain Can Make It: The Council of Industrial Design, by Peter Austen; and a profile of the SIA (Society of Industrial Artists).

126 Henry Moore – The Shelter Drawings (A.D.B. Sylvester)
136 English Book Jackets (Charles Rosner)
144 British Humour (Arnold Lunn)
160 Bruce Angrave (Frederick Laws)
172 British Poster Art during the War (Noel Carrington)
186 Recent Trends in English Illustration (James Boswell)
200 Lewitt-Him (Manuel Gasser)
212 The British Exhibition (Peter Austen)
220 English Illustrated Books for Young Children (Noel Carrington)
238 Press Advertising in Great Britain (McCullough)
250 SIA (Society of Industrial Artists)
258 Britain Can Make It. The Council of Industrial Design (Peter Austen)
227 Book Revue
279 Bucherchronik