Issue 13 - Digital Version


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January / February 1946
Cover Image by Imre Reiner

Graphis magazine Issue 13 presents articles on various industries within the graphic arts, including Old Bernese Pottery, written by Hans Kasser; American Humour, by Arnold Lunn; Spanish Calligraphic Models of the 16th Century, by Jan Tschichold; Tapestries from Cloth Remnants, by Hans Kasser; Raymond Loewy Associates: Industrial Designs, by C.F.O. Clarke; Margrit Linck, Daepp: Figure Ceramics, by Hans Kasser; and a feature on Children’s Books in Soviet Russia. Many members of the design world are also profiled, including Imre Reiner, written by Manuel Gasser; Pierre Monnerat, by Hans Kasser; John Heartfield's Photomontages, by Konrad Fahrner; Lester Beall, by Hans Kasser; Jean Colin, by W.H. Allner; and Alois Carigiet – Hans Fischer: Two Set-Designers of the Cabaret Cornichon in Zurich, by Manuel Gasser.

2 Imre Reiner (Manuel Gasser)
12 Pierre Monnerat (Hans Kasser)
20 Old Bernese Pottery (H.K.)
24 Margrit Linck,Daepp: Figure Ceramics (Hans Kasser)
30 John Heartfield: Photomontages (Konrad Fahrner)
36 Children’s Books in Soviet Russia (N.T.)
52 Lester Beall (H.K.)
62 American Humour (Arnold Lunn)
79 Spanish Calligraphic Models of the 16th Century (Jan Tschichold)
87 Tapestries from Cloth Remnants (H.K.)
94 Raymond Loewy Associates: Industrial Designs (C.F.O. Clarke)
98 Alois Carigiet – Hans Fischer: Two Set-Designers of the Cabaret Cornichon in Zurich (Manuel Gasser)
106 Jean Colin (W.H. Allner)
112 Resume Francais des Textes
124 Bucherchronik