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September / October 1944
Cover Image by Max Hunziker, Zurich

In this premiere edition of Graphis magazine, you'll finds a host of articles on various facets of the graphic arts, including Max Hunziker’s Zinc Hand Etching, written by Hans Kasser; writer Imre Reiner's take on Purposeful Packing; Graphic Art in the Newspaper, by Edwin Arnet; Italian Printers’ Emblems in the 15th and 16th Century, Dr. W.J. Meyer; and a piece on Humour in the Show-Window. In the world of advertising art, read about Famous Artists in the Service of Advertising, courtesy of the Container Corporation; and ad campaigns for a Swiss Tobacco Firm, written by Hans Kasser. Lastly, see Hans Kasser's feature on Sascha Morgenthaler’s Dolls and Model Figures.

3 Introduction
4 Max Hunziker's Zinc Hand Etching (Hans Kasser)
29 Purposeful Packing (Imre Reiner)
43 Graphic Ar in the Newspaper (Edwin Arnet)
61 Italian Printers’ Emblems in the 15th and 16th Cent. (Dr. W.J. Meyer)
77 Humour in the Show-Window
82 Famous Artists in the Service of Advertising (Container Corporation)
88 A Swiss Tobacco Firm Advertises its Cigars (Hans Kasser)
94 Sascha Morgenthaler’s new Dolls and Model Figures (Hans Kasser)